This tutorial is prepared mostly for those of you, who:

* own a Playstation®3 console (FW 2.20+)
* or own Playstation®2 with SMS player installed (1024x1024 video frame restriction)
* or prefer playing XviD instead of x264 videos
* have a decent HD capable TV set (at least 720p) - otherwise it would make no sense, would it?
* want to watch high resolution videos on their Playstation consoles/HD XviD capable player - who doesn't?
* don't mind waiting for their computer to re-encode the videos to DivX/XviD - it all comes with a price :-)

The main reason for creating this page was the constant failure of MeGUI to work under Windows Vista.
Please, read the whole tutorial first - then go for a step-by-step guide. It would make things easier for you.

If you have MKV/TS/M2TS/MTS/MPEG files - NO RE-ENCODING is needed for Playstation 3
and stand alone players (Blu-ray Disk Players - BDP) if you use my other GUI: multiAVCHD.

You can create a compilation of upto 252 files/folders in a single AVCHD folder to play on PS3 or standalone Blu-ray player. Click here!


You have some files with .mkv extension, so you are wondering how could you get them play on your HD XviD capable player or Playstation console.

You very well know that Playstation®3 and Playstation®2 cannot handle neither the extension (mkv) nor the container (matroska/матрешка) nor the video streams inside the container - usually MPEG4/ISO/AVC/x264 video + AC3/MP3/DTS audio.

Our goal is to "open" the container, extract the audio streams and then later convert the video to the format that your console / XviD player copes with - DivX/XviD video + AC3/MP3 audio in an AVI container.

In rare cases you would have DTS audio tracks instead of ac3/mp3. PS3 should be able to play DTS, but not in AVI container. If this is your case, you have to re-encode the audio, too. GUI uses eac3to audio encoder to re-encode DTS to AC3, preserving all channels.

First of all, you have to make sure that your computer can play MKV files via DirectShow, i.e. with a standard video player (not VLC or BSPlayer) - try to open the file with Windows Media Player. This will prove you have the decoders/splitters needed to read the streams inside MKV. If it plays well, then you can go forward. If not, you have to install some programs. In fact, you can use this tutorial and software to convert almost any video format to XviD, provided you have the correct DirectShow filters installed.

Playstation®2 has frame size limitations, so it is better to resize the video. Select horizontal size less than 1024 - let's say 960.
You can leave framerate and everything else if you will play the XviD on you Playstation®3.

Here is my GUI application general look:

Version 2.3 (build 104):

Version 2.3 (build 104):

Download multiAVCHD 4.1 - mkv2avi is part of the tools package, or

Updates for builds 68-97:
* Added: Support for Blu-ray and AVCHD formats. You can now create BD/AVCHD compatible output and burn DVDs or copy to MemoryStick or USB drive (Playstation 3 compatible).
* Added: tsmuxer support
* Added: Files with no audio can be re-encoded
* Added: XSUBs support for PC, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and standalone hardware DivX Ultra6 compatible players (PC option)
* Added: Keyboard shortcuts (ALT-<key>) for faster access to various options
* Added: option to skip video re-encoding for DivX/XviD streams inside mkv
* Added: Support for DivX XSUB(r) subtitles with [B][URL=""]AviAddXSUBs[/URL][/B] (fixed CP setting for PS3)
* Updated: update procedure, server links and [B][URL=""]mkv2aviupdate.exe[/URL][/B]
* Fixed: Wrongly enabled "downmix" checkbox with DTS sources, when DTS to AC3 re-encoding is not selected
* Fixed: [B]If mux is unsuccessful[/B] and [x] Delete temp files is selected, encoded video and audio [B]will not be deleted[/B].
* Known-bug: AVIMux_GUI crashes if muxed output full path (folder+filename) length exceeds certain length (over 200 symbols)

Updates for builds 50 thru 67:
* Fixed: long names causing errors (when longer than 500 symbols - thanks to naj for all the testing!)
* Fixed: sometimes wrong parsing of audio/video tracks information
* Fixed: open-dml and avi riff headers for avimux_gui when output exceeds 4GBs
* Fixed: unnecessary AC3 to AC3 encoding on some occasions
* Added: audio tracks now show language information
* Added: STOP button (it will leave all temporary files untouched)
* Added: upscale options
* Added: new custom size options for muxed video
* Added: CBR one pass xvid encoding
* Added: Temp folder option
* Added: Autoupdate option and executable added in full package (otherwise download mkv2aviupdate.exe)

* To-do: one-click profiles for:
- Playstation 2 (PS2 with SMS Player),
- Playstation 3 (PS3 with firmware 2.20+)
- Playstation Portable (PSP with firmware 3+) and
- Hardware DivX players
* To-do: encoding for Playstation Portable (PSP) with embeded subtitles (it is ready but it is undergoing tests)
* To-do: progress indicator (don't count on it more than I do (-: )
* To-do: Installation procedure (Installer)


The archive contains:

* Avisynth257 - the executable you need to install (mandatory)
* MKV - in case you cannot play MKV files you will need to:
      install MatroskaSplitter.exe [site] and
      AVC decoder (ffdshow/coreavc/or other AVC capable decoder) - ffdshow is in MKV folder, and also in GUI (Program tab)

* tools:

* [tools] avimux_gui ver 1.17.7 - another great tool for muxing video and audio streams
* [tools] mkvinfo.exe, mkvextract.exe - it will let us "open" the MKV container and extract the audio tracks
* [tools] xvid_encraw.exe - raw mpeg4 bitstream encoder written by Christoph Lampert 2002-2003
* [tools] eac3to.exe - to re-encode DTS to AC3 audio tracks
* [tools] mkv2avi.exe - the "my mkv2avi" gui - it will automate all extracting and conversion
* [tools] mkv2aviupdate.exe - the "my mkv2avi" autoupdate module

No instalation is needed (except for AviSynth). If you decide to get rid of all this stuff - just erase the folder you extracted the archive in.

Steps to make everything work:

1) Extract the archive to a folder that you won't erase later

2) If you don't have Avisynth installed, then you will have to install it. Start AVI_Synth_257.exe from Avisynth257 folder and install with defaults



3) Start MatroskaSplitter.exe from MKV folder and install with defaults
4) Install ffdshow (or other decoder)

5) Start mkv2avi.exe - The GUI that should make things easier

Once you're done with the instalation start mkv2avi.exe from tools folder. This is the GUI that you will need. I will explain all options later.

mkv2avi.exe, mkv2aviupdate.exe and a DLL - GUI only (you will need the tools from the other archive).

Note for Playstation2 users: Use RESIZE option - best quality you could get is at resolution 960x540 with DEISIRED SIZE: 700MB..

The final step is to incorporate XSUB subtitles in the XviD avi file, so open AVIAddXsub and provided you have subtitles in the same folder you will get a .divx file with incorporated subtitles.

Check the this page on various settings for AVIAddXsub.

Dean Kasabow
Sofia, Bulgaria